Roof Restoration

Get the most out of your roof with a ReACT Roof Restoration.

The Australian climate is tough on your roof. If yours is leaking, missing tiles or looking worn and torn, let ReACT restore it, making it look as good as new. ReACT has repaired, recapped and restored over five thousand roofs in Canberra so we understand the problems you’re experiencing and know how to cost effectively fix them. Book Your Roof Inspection Now! Plus you’ll find out from someone you can trust, whether you’re best served by a roof restoration, or perhaps another solution. ReACT are very proud of our Roof Restorations. Over time and thousands of roofs, we’ve developed a 5 step system, designed to complete every restoration to the highest possible standard.

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1. Initial consultation.

Our professional tradesmen (experienced in roof restoration) will make an appointment at a time convenient to you. They provide a thorough roof inspection and a detailed report on what is required.

Five Steps To A Successful ReACT Roof Restoration

2. Options that won’t break your budget.

Our tradespeople will give you affordable options. These could include coating the roof to improve its appearance, or sealing it to stop the roof leaking.

3. Works begin at a time convenient to you.

Our staff finalise your order and make a time convenient for you to begin the work. We know you’re busy, so we make sure our tradesmen arrive on time.

4. Qualified, experienced tradesmen complete your restoration.

    To complete your job correctly we’ll perform these steps:
    • High pressure cleaning of the whole roof.
    • Strip all the old bedding and pointing from the roof.
    • Your ridgecapping is rebedded.
    • Flexipoint is applied to the pointing and ridgecapping.
    • Application of Mouldrid to the roof.
    • A coat of deep penetrating primer is applied as a sealant.
    • Two coats of heat reflective membrane are applied.

To keep your roof looking good for years, we finish each of these steps using strict standards and procedures. Including a guarantee of up to fifteen years on some services.

5. Final inspection.

Your roof is thoroughly checked to make sure your job is completed to Australian standards.

All jobs are completed to strict Australian Standards and come with a 15 year warranty.

Roof Restoration and Painting

The restoration of your roof to its new condition is a process that involves you and our professional staff. We have 28 colours for you to choose from. The paints have been specially chosen to cope with Canberra's diverse weather patterns and temperatures.

First we inspect your roof and provide you with a comprehensive written report that will detail the entire restoration.

Old bedding & pointing stripped from roof

Ridecapping rebedded

High pressure cleaning of the roof

Roof pointed to Aust. standards

Application of Flexipoint™

Roof is sealed with deep penentrating primer

Two coats of heat reflective membrane are applied

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